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Ultimate Collection Wooden Clocks


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Think that wood clocks are now a thing of the past? Prepare to be charmed out of your wits with awesome collections of wood clocks in all shapes and sizes!

Wood clocks are fascinating pieces of furniture, primarily because they are not very common time keepers. Contemporary clock designs usually sport metal or brass finishes that are in keeping with the advancing digital age. However, wooden clockwork are not at all limited to the dark ages and and can be just as technologically relevant (and even more) compared to their modern counterparts.

People are drawn to wood clocks because they tend to be quite artistically handcrafted. From intricate designs on the face to huge productions that involve entire grandfather clocks, wooden clocks are great venues for self-expression and creativity. They appeal largely to individuals who value eccentricity, and love anything a little different. Artists also spend time finding the right color combinations for painting wood clocks.

Wood clocks today are usually not made entirely of wood, and many experienced clockmakers employ the use of various other materials that add to the whimsical value of a wooden clock. Wooden clocks today even go digital, with bright red or green digital numbers that blaze across a clear surface, encased in wood, with a thin layer of wood veneer to allow the lights to shine through. They can come in all forms, and unique-minded clockmakers are exploring the possibility of creating tiny wooden wristwatches.

Bulova Wood Clocks | Howard Miller Wood Clocks | Rhythm Wood Clocks

Efficient, accurate, and a great point of conversation for any guests, wood clocks are great additions to your home.

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