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A Myriad of Floor Clocks for You to Choose From

If you are looking for clocks that are likely to turn into heirlooms over time, floor clocks might be exactly what you need. These clocks have always been in fashion and chances are that the trend would continue for many more years to come. offers a wide selection of fine floor clocks. Available in various woods and finishes, these clocks are epitomes of style and elegance and are bound to catch everyone’s attention. Take a look and choose one for your own living room or to gift someone.

Why their popularity is increasing by the day

They have a history, and it’s undeniable that everyone likes to own something that’s reminiscent of an era gone by. First made in England more than 3 centuries ago, these clocks have stood the test of the time. Their charm lies in their name. Legend has it they got their name from an 1876 song entitled ‘My Grandfather’s Clock’.
Also, these clocks look more like pieces of fine furniture and therefore those who look forward to make exceptional additions to their decors often go for the grandfather clocks. Last but not least, they are one of the few to be passed down from one generation to the next and this is one of the biggest contributors towards their popularity.

What else makes them your obvious choice?

The clocks are both elegant and functional. In fact, some of the finest homes in the world have these clocks. The way these clocks work is quite enticing in itself. Imagine this: you have a timepiece that sounds out the hours with the aid of hammer that’s specifically there to strike a series of chimes. To top it all, there’s a swinging pendulum as well, which you can see through the glass door frame. And, they use a spring and counterweight system to keep the time.
Now that we have put up grandfather clocks on sale, you too have the chance of bringing one to your home at a pocket friendly price!

Where to buy them from?

Shop online and get them delivered to your place. Alternatively, place your order over the phone by giving us a call at 1-855-242-0514, or send across the completed order form through fax; the number is 1-920-206-8272.