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Big Clock And Large Clocks Make a HUGE Statement

big wall clockClocks come in all shapes and sizes, and larger timekeepers are making waves in the industry for their easy readability and greater chances at creative flexibility. Larger clock like Larger Bai Design Clocks faces are valued highly because of their bold, distinctive numbers, making it a lot easier to read the time, as well as ensure accuracy of the time.

Big clocks are the ultimate choice for places that are constantly filled with people. This is especially true for supermarkets, malls, office buildings and public squares. The famous four-faced clock inside the Grand Central Station in New York is a perfect example of a large-scale timekeeper. On top of keeping extremely accurate time for passengers on the go, the clock is just as beautiful as it is functional. An equally big clock outside the station currently holds the place for world’s largest clock made of Tiffany glass.

Other big clocks (on a lesser scale) can be found in large homes. Many clocks are made with plastic, wooden clocks or even metal frames. Combinations of different materials make interesting designs that are more easily appreciated on big clocks, such as intricate designs on the sides that might have huge artistic value. The face and hands are also fashioned in specific ways— classic clocks generally employ Roman numerals, or old fonts for Arabic numerals. Contemporary designs flaunt numerals with sans serif fonts, and modern, minimal clocks can feature none at all.

 Ridgedale Chiming Wall Clock C4437
Bulova Large Tower Clocks
 Cortez Wall Clock Black Satin 625-409
Howard Miller Large Tower Clocks
 WSM Brighton Musical Clock Alder CMJ534NR06
Large Tower Rhythm Clocks

Whatever design a big clock has, the important thing to remember is the contrast between the face and hands, as this ensures maximum visibility in large spaces.

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