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One-Stop Destination for Anniversary Clocks brings to you a wide selection of anniversary clocks, also commonly referred to as the torsion pendulum clocks. Browse our selection to choose any of the clocks for your own anniversary or pick one to gift to a loved one. These clocks are perfect if you are to gift something special to someone on their big days, such as wedding, bridal shower or birthday.

Why anniversary clocks?

• They boast of elegant designs and showcase that you have got an eye for class and elegance.
• With rotating pendulums that these clocks come with, you get what is often dubbed one of the most stylish combos.
• These clocks never go out of fashion. If you gift them to some today, chances are you are going to see them in their home for years to come.

Why are these clocks popular?

To begin with, the very fact that these clocks date back to the 19th century, 1841 to be precise, when Aaron Crane invented them and got the anniversary clocks patented, is one of the biggest contributors towards their popularity. Despite undergoing several changes over the years, these clocks have managed to stand the test of the time.

The unique mechanism of these watches has always been a matter of curiosity among people. In fact, when they were first invented, people were amused to find out that these clocks were to be wound once a year on the anniversary (yes, that’s how they got their name) of the day they were put in use.

The name ‘anniversary’ struck a chord with people and till date, these clocks continue to one of the most common gifts given to couples celebrating their first year anniversary.

Why buy from us?

Yes, we do have a wide selection, as already pointed out, but we place quality over quantity. Each of the pieces we have is designed to last for a really long time.

Moreover, our prices are quite affordable. So, even if you are considering buying more than one clock at once, you need not splurge. Add to that the fact that many of our clocks are shipped for free and you know we are the ones you have been looking for.

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