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Looking for a more unique way of keeping time? Impress your friends with a super cool quartz clock! Quartz clocks represent a technologically advanced era in timekeeping. They employ the use of electronic oscillators that beam signals resulting in precise hand movements on the clock. The oscillator is usually made of quartz, and its being a compound of silicon dioxide results in electrical pulses that control the ticking of the hands.

Quartz clocks might cost a little more than your average clock, but unlike mechanical watches, which were used until around 1970, a quartz timepiece requires no winding or any extra form of mechanical maintenance. More importantly, they are still more accurate than mechanical watches, especially because the former typically requires a lot of winding and resetting.

Grandfather Quartz Clocks | Howard Miller Quartz Clocks | Rhythm Quartz Clocks | Bai Design Quartz Clocks | Ridgeway Quartz Clocks

Several brands offer different kinds of quartz clocks, and they are great as either wristwatches or full scale clocks. Quartz clocks often exude a classy and sophisticated look, though this may also depend on specific designs offered by companies. Other brands may offer custom designs, though these cost considerably more than ordinary quartz watches.

If you want a quartz clock, it’s a great choice to add to your collection of furniture, especially if you value efficiency and cost-effectivity above all else. They are extremely efficient time keepers, as well as environmentally-friendly alternatives because they last significantly longer than ordinary watches. Go all out with your penchant for creativity by picking out quartz clocks from an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes.

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