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There’s a really good chance that all of us stood entranced by the sway of a clock’s pendulum, at one point or another. Pendulum clocks are one of the oldest kinds of clock, and were also one of the earliest forms of timekeeping that was actually accurate.

Pendulum clocks can be a little on the large size, mostly because space is needed to accommodate a swinging pendulum. However, there are relatively smaller-sized pendulum clocks that you can hang in a smaller living space.

The most common type of pendulum clock is the freestanding unit. This can also be called a grandfather clock, and is usually a staple piece of furniture in classically or traditionally designed homes. While the old grandfather clocks are not as widely produced today; in fact, many pendulum clocks that were built before the 20th century can rake in a lot of cash if sold. On the flip side, many companies are bringing back the old glory days of grandfather pendulum clocks.

On the other hand, pendulum clocks can come in relatively compact sizes, such as the kind that you can prop up on a study desk, or bedside table. Some pendulum clocks can also be hung on walls, though extra care must be taken to keep the clock’s relative position completely level, as this is a key requirement for the pendulum to tell time accurately.

Shop Brands For A Pendulum Clock

  • Ridgeway Pendulum Clocks
  • Bulova Pendulum Clocks
  • Howard Miller Pendulum Clocks

  • Pendulum clocks lend a good sense of sentimentality and nostalgia to your home. Grab one for your livingroom now.


    The variation of choice may swing your brain just the way pendulum does in different pendulum clocks here available on online, source Clocks247. From the very contemporary looking, discounted model of Bergen Pendulum Wall clock to one of the biggest of the floor and Grandfather Pendulum Clocks like the Majestic Curio Floor Clock all kinds of selection from traditional to the utmost modern well-designed Pendulum Clocks as well as Pendulum wall clocks are there in different styles and variety of ranges.

    Even Grandfather Pendulum Clocks can have mod-designer look:

    The grandeur and elegance of the floor and grandfather pendulum clocks may mesmerize you with their traditional as well as modern designer looks. Technically perfect models with black wooden case for the atomic pendulum-clocks from the companies like Seiko and other mechanical, quartz, or battery-run models from companies well-known for their traditions like Howard Miller with cherry, oak or metal finish are certainly going to grab anyone’s attention with their corporate as well as royal feel. These are also available with single, dual, triple chimes or even with optional chime shut-off; also available are the Combination-Curio grandfather style of pendulum clocks which work as very elegant showcases.

    There are different other options in the pendulum clocks in smaller or table clock version, especially in revolving pendulum style from Bulova, Seiko etc. which are quite modern and sophisticated looking and most of them can be very special anniversary gifts.

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