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Sometimes, the conventional clockwork can miss a second. While it’s uncommon that high quality clocks rarely fall short of 100% accuracy, there’s always a chance of something going wrong, causing you to miss important deadlines and ultimately wreaking havoc on your schedule.

This is why radio-controlled clocks have a distinct advantage over traditional clocks, especially in terms of accuracy. They are digitally wired to deliver the correct time down to the last millisecond. Clock radios usually provide other additional functions, like the ability to “talk”, and multiple alarm options that can tune in to specific radios in the morning, playing music to wake you up instead of the customary buzzing and beeping.

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Radio-Controlled Atomic Clocks | Radio-Controlled Howard Miller | Radio-Controlled Alarm Clocks

Radio clocks can come in many forms, and not just the typical bedside alarm clock. In fact, they can be hung on the walls, propped up on study tables and office desks, or worn as wrist watches in mini mode. They are highly digitized, and most of these clocks no longer utilize clock hands or second hands that designate the hour and minute. Instead, they often feature digital displays, with an array of buttons located all along the clock that correspond to specific functions. From brushed metal finishes to novelty characters, clock radios can come in an assortment of forms, and you can choose according to your personal preference.

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    Clock radios are designed to appeal to an audience that loves technology, as well as those who’d like to wake up to music in the morning from their favorite radio station.

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