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Atomic Clocks & Weather Stations

Always On Time!
These Atomic clocks receive a radio signal from the most accurate clock in the world, the cesium atomic clock, transmitted from the American National Institute of Standards in Fort Collins, Colorado. You won't have to reset this clock, even for daylight-saving time, and it'll never be out of sync when you own several. Synchronize your business or school with a set of Atomic Clocks, saving time and hassle, ensuring everyone is on-time, all the time!


For an extra special touch... choose an atomic clock by Chicago Lighthouse to support blind and visually impaired all-American employees in Chicago, a genuine Made-in-the-USA success story.


When you really need to know exactly what time it is, an atomic clock or nuclear clock is the only clock in the world that can do that right down to a microsecond. Atomic clocks are a product of the atomic age. Though the design was advanced by science more than 130 years ago, it would be until 1955 that the first practical atomic clock was built.

The simplest way to explain how an atomic clock works is to say that it measures the vibration of atoms, most often cesium atoms. That rate at which these atoms vibrate can be converted to measure time in the most accurate way possible.

Science uses an atomic clock to set all the clocks in the world. You can have that same kind of accuracy in your home by choosing one of the many number of atomic clock styles that are available.

You don't have to worry about radiation either. The atomic clock uses very little electricity and produces virtually no radiation.

An atomic wall clock looks like a regular clock with a standard numbered face and second sweep hand. It can come in any number of styles including wood finish. Digital atomic clocks come in brushed metal cases that fit any decor and use.

When knowing the most accurate time is essential, the atomic clock measures up to the job.